Speakers Presentation
1. Dr Susanne KEITEL- Current developments in the European Pharmacopoeia – Finished Product Monographs and More
2. Dr. A. J Vaidya - Pharmaceutical Products – Extractables & Leachables Concept
3. Dr. V.G. Nayak - Pharmacopiel Harmonisation- Indian Perspective& Challenges
4. Dr. Krishnapriya Mohanraj - Impurity Profiling of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients - Practical Issues: Qualification and Quantification
5. Dr. G.G. Gurudatta – Manufacturing Facilities – Complaince to Audits and Inspections – Issues and Troubleshooting
6. Santosh Savarkar - EU Good Distribution Practices
7. Dr. B. Suresh - Quality of Pharmaceutical Ingredients : Workforce Development
8. Dr. S.C. Mathur - Development of Monographs for Indian Pharmacopoeia
9. Dr Susanne KEITEL - Pharmacopoeial Harmonisation
10. Cristian Sampaolesi - Assessment of the quality of pharmaceutical ingredients: experience of EDQM with CEP applications
11. Cristian Sampaolesi - The EDQM inspection programme & consequences of actions against CEPs
12. Dr. P.V. Appaji - Export Potential of Pharmaceutical Ingredients to EU Market