Founder of IPA

Prof. M.L.Schroff, established United Province Pharmaceutical Association (UPPA) at Banaras Hindu University in 1935. The United Provinces Pharmaceutical Association (UPPA) was renamed as Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA) in 1939 and the publication of Indian Journal of pharmacy started. The IPA headquarters was shifted to Bombay on 1st January 1953. The Pharma Times started in 1963 as professional monthly publication of IPA. The Indian Journal of pharmacy was named as Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Bi-monthly publication) in 1979.The First Indian Pharmaceutical Congress was organized at Calcutta in December 1948 with Prof. M.L. SCHROFF as its First President. For 58 years, the IPC was organized by IPA & Its Branches. From 2007 onwards each of the Federation Associations started hosting IPC on rotation by convention (APTI-IPGA-AIDCOC-IHPA-IPA)

The Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA) founded in 1939, is the oldest premier association of pharmaceutical professionals in India, with a member base of over 13,000, spread across the length and breadth of the nation. IPA operates in India through 20 state branches and more than 46 local branches. The members represent various facets of pharmaceutical profession viz., industry, regulatory, community and hospital pharmacy practices and education. As a member of the Drug Technical Advisory Board, India, IPA is actively involved in advising the government on matters of professional importance. IPA is affiliated with international pharma associations like FIP, FAPA, CPA, AAPS, AAiPS and is working with international bodies such as WHO and WHPA for carrying out various collaborative professional activities that include organizing training programmes for professionals from industry, academics, regulatory and practice. IPA makes representations to the authorities on matters of professional interest and works constantly towards upgrading the standards of pharmacy professional services offered by the pharmacists. IPA’s major objective is to position pharmacists as one of the important healthcare providers in our country.

Every year IPA honour eminent personalities in the field of Pharmacy with various awards like:
IPA–IRF Life Time Achievement Award,
IPA – Eminent Pharmacist Award,
IPA–ML Khorana Memorial Lecture Award,
IPA-M.Venkateswarlu Award,
IPA – Fellowship Awards,
IPA – ACG Innovation & Best Packaging Awards,
IPA–Best State & Local Branch Awards,
IPA–IJPS Best Research Paper Award,
Prof. M.L Khorana Medal for highest % in B.Pharm ,
Prof. M LShroff Medal for highest grade in B.Pharm,
IPA-Davinder Pal, National Elocution competition prizes ,
IPA-All India Pharma Quiz & GPAT competition prizes,
IPA-IRF Scholarships to poor and needy students.